Flam3D and SIM-Flanders vzw are launching:

The Metal R&D Detector

Whos doing what?


There is so much research going on in Additive Manufacturing, especially on Metal-printing… who’s still seeing the forest for the trees? Our Metal R&D Detector gives an easy overview of requested and ongoing research on the topic.


Get in touch, get noticed, get on to the next level, by finding the contacts you need!



  • This overview is not going to be up-to-date for a long time without your contribution: please send us your updates, new research projects, …
  • Looking for information on international R&D projects? We’re working on it… but feel free to send us your (download template here). We’ll include it asap!
  • Looking for information on non-metal 3D-printing? Working on that one too. Please send us your information in the required format (download template here)