3D Printing R&D Day

@3D Delta Week

IF you need, offer, or are interested in R&D on Additive Manufacturing
THEN this is the must-attend networking event for 2021

R&D on Additive Manufacturing is all around in the Benelux, applied as well as academic. It is one of main contributors to the global success of the region when it comes to Additive Manufacturing patents, innovations, and business.

There is so much going on, that we sometimes lose track of who-is-doing-what or what-is-useful-for-whom. To build new synergies, to capitalise on each other’s expertise and findings, and to avoid duplication, it will be exceptionally useful to listen, watch and learn at this event on December 6, 2021 – aka Saint Nicholas for R&D.


10h00: Reception & coffee

10h30: Welcome & introduction

10h45: Pitch session I

11h15: Break

11h45: Pitch session II

12h15: Introduction afternoon sessions

12h30: Lunch

13h15: Networking sessions

14h45: Reception

15h30: End


This event takes place during 3D Delta Week

3D Delta Week is a week of learning, networking and exploring on the Additive Manufacturing Value Chain, focusing on the Benelux region as a global Additive Manufacturing hotspot. The 3D Delta Week is a platform that unites a series of events in a week which will draw together an unseen number of AM-specialists and (potential) users to the Benelux. This region boasts one of the most vibrant AM ecosystems in terms of expertise, number of patents, printer density, etc. 3D Delta Week explicitly invites other companies, individuals, and organisations to contribute to a successful, world-renown event. By combining several activities related to the weeks’ topic, an increased visitor number is envisaged. The first edition of the 3D Delta Week will take place from December 6 to 10 2021. More information on the 3D Delta Week can be found on