3D-printing network

What we do

Flam3D is looking to strengthen value chains, both inside and outside the organization. We are open for companies and organizations interested in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing applications. Within the network, we will always find relevant contacts to help you with your 3D challenge. We unite, represent and support companies, research institutes, governments and stakeholders. Below you will find an overview of our main activities.

Additive Manufacturing


The creation of an eco-system in Flanders around 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.



To promote the technological and political networking and exchange of knowledge between its members and third parties.

Spreading the word


Disclose the principle of 3D printing, all its possible applications and the role of one or more members to professional users, the general public and government, both at home and abroad.


To manage, support and defend the common interests of its members in all possible regional, national and international corporations, associations, affiliates, governments and government agencies.



Improve the competitive position of the 3D printing industry in Flanders, among other things by strengthening the scientific knowledge base on 3D printing.



Connecting members with people, companies and governments interested in 3D printing.


To stimulate research and exchange of knowledge to accelerate and expand developments and research methods in the field of 3D printing.