3D-printing network


The following companies and research institutes became members of Flam3D because:

  • Flam3D provides a platform for finding trusted partners for your 3D challenge.
  • Flam3D wants to help your interests: the rise of the 3D printing industry creates a number of new challenges – e.g. rights of ownership or approval of new medical applications. Flam3D is happy to partner with partners and governments
  • Flam3D represents your company at international fairs and exchanges. Contact us for more details.
  • Flam3D investigates possible synergies and value chains. Include your specific knowledge and your added value on a chain.
  • Flam3D informs you about the latest state of affairs. Get the latest news, analysis and trends directly in your mailbox.
  • We bring the customers to you.

Our current partners

You can find a complete view of all our partners on this page.