27 March 2023, Mikrocentrum (De Run 1115, 5503 LB Veldhoven)

The R&D Day is the Benelux meeting of all R&D stakeholders in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). It is a day of sharing, learning and connecting for everyone with interest in AM.


you need, offer, or are interested in R&D on Additive Manufacturing


this is the must-attend networking event

R&D on Additive Manufacturing is all around in the Benelux, applied as well as academic. It is one of main contributors to the global success of the region when it comes to Additive Manufacturing patents, innovations, and business.

There is so much going on, that we sometimes lose track of who-is-doing-what or what-is-useful-for-whom. To build new synergies, to capitalise on each other’s expertise and findings, and to avoid duplication, it will be exceptionally useful to listen, watch and learn at this event.

At this event, the supply side will be on stage; we invite all R&D stakeholders to come and pitch at the event.

The demand side should also attend: if your organisation or company is looking for expertise or intelligence on any topic related to Additive Manufacturing, feel free to join us.

Matchmaking will be facilitated at the event.

You offer expertise, research capacity, knowledge?

We urge all R&D stakeholders* to come and share their expertise and findings on this first R&D Day.

Private R&D companies, (Technical) Universities and other R&D stakeholders are welcome to pitch.
Get in touch with your potential clients or research partners.

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You look for expertise?

Come and explore what’s on offer. Find your next R&D partner and learn from the heap of expertise available in the Benelux.
This is the region where Materialise, Ultimaker, Additive Industries, 3D Systems-Layerwise, etc., were born and bred.
Make sure to be part of the next innovation … or build your own.

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Preliminary program

10h00Reception & coffee
10h25Welcome & introduction
10h30Pitch session I
11h45Pitch session II
13h30Pitch session III
14h45Pitch session IV
15h30Networking & reception
3D printing against COVID-19

This event takes place during 3D Delta Week

3D Delta Week is a week of learning, networking and exploring on the Additive Manufacturing Value Chain, focusing on the Benelux region as a global Additive Manufacturing hotspot. The 3D Delta Week is a platform that unites a series of events in a week which will draw together an unseen number of AM-specialists and (potential) users to the Benelux.

This region boasts one of the most vibrant AM ecosystems in terms of expertise, number of patents, printer density, etc. 3D Delta Week explicitly invites other companies, individuals, and organisations to contribute to a successful, world-renown event. By combining several activities related to the weeks’ topic, an increased visitor number is envisaged. The second edition of the 3D Delta Week will take place from March 27 to 31 2023. More information on the 3D Delta Week can be found on www.3ddeltaweek.com.